Our portfolio partners are essential components to our firm and we accomplish a lot together.  



Company: MarLu Food Group

Sector: Food & Beverage (Restaurants)


MarLu Food Group is a multi-brand, multi-state franchise company acquiring diversified national food franchises across the U.S.  The company will capitalize on national opportunities of iconic brands by redefining its market position.  The operating partner is one of the largest franchisee's of any kind in the U.S.  The company plans to acquire (300-500) units, over a seven (7) year period.

Company: Occidental Management Inc.

Sector: Commercial Real Estate


Occidental Management Inc. is a turn key commercial real estate development and property management firm, with over twenty-three (23) years of expertise in commercial real estate acquisition, design, development, brokerage, and property management.

The company has created a unique development design and operating platform, that is based on solid financial performance, access to debt and equity capital.

The company is seeking to grow by acquiring opportunistic, value-add, and off-market commercial real estate assets with a valuation of $ 100 - $ 300 million. The company’s acquisition and development platform is focused on stable markets in the Midwest region of the U.S., (office; retail; mixed-use; industrial).

The company currently control and manage twenty-eight (28) commercial assets valued at $ 250 million and encompassing 2.5 million square footage. The company has been identified by Inc. 500 as one of the fastest growing private companies - 6 out of last 8 years.

Company: Cardiff Films

Sector: Movies & Entertainment


Cardiff Films is an Academy - Award winning independent motion picture production company assembled from creative and business entertainment industry professionals, with a common goal of producing twenty (20) films over a ten (10) year period.  Collectively, the production team has over 85 years of experience, has produced over $ 2.5 billion in revenue for their films, and two (2) films won Academy - Awards.  The company has pledged to maintain family-oriented films, that will not be rated at a more intense rating than PG-13 (i.e. no R material)

Company: Ways & Means Development

Sector: Hospitality


Ways & Means Development is a seafood restaurant that is capitalizing on several market trends driving today's dining culture including an emphasis on sustainability, simplified, yet sophisticated dishes, artisanal sprits, and "concept" driven menus.  The company offers a diverse menu, prominently featuring oysters and other seafood, including a wide range of small and large plates that allow diners to customize their dining experience.  The company is seeking to expand into strategic markets across the U.S. by 2022.

Company: Hyde Park Ventures

Sector: Food & Beverage (Restaurants)


Hyde Park Ventures is an existing food franchisee and real estate investment group, through newly established restaurant and real estate holding entities is seeking acquisition capital to fund the expansion of its portfolio across the United States.  The company is seeking to scale to (268) restaurants by 2022.

Company: The BrainWare Learning Corporation

Sector: Consumer Education (Cognitive Software)


The BrainWare Learning Corporation is a leading-edge brain fitness software company that operates at the crossroads of neuroscience and gaming.  BrainWare Learning Corporation products develop and strengthen cognitive capacity for individuals 6 years and older.  The products are self-paced with an emphasis on the individual learner.