CRG Capital Partners is a team-oriented private equity firm with a vision of assisting entrepreneurs in the identification and execution of successful long-term value creation strategies. 


  • Private Equity
  • Financial Restructuring & Revitalization Strategies
  • Merchant Banking
  • Supply Chain Management Strategies
  • Corporate & Business Unit Evaluation Strategies
  • Platform/Add-0ns/Stand-Alone Acquisitions
  • Investment Banking & Brokerage Services
  • Pre-Business Acquisition Strategies
  • Post-Business Acquisition Strategies
  • Divestiture Strategies
  • Pre-IPO Strategies
  • Post-IPO Strategies

Why Choose Us

We are an agile firm that works methodically through a streamlined process to thoroughly meet the needs of our clients.  Because of our nimble size, we’re able to leverage our talented and diverse team to perform analysis of business models ensuring viability and optimal efficiencies, while leveraging our internal capital and direct capital partners with industry leading private equity firms to achieve a successful outcome for our teammates.  Importantly, we make service paramount at every touch point and strive for complete satisfaction.  There are other key components that distinguishes CRG Capital Partners from other firmsFirst, we offer entrepreneurs a proven strategy on where to play and how to win.  Second, we leverage our industry and operational expertise.  Third, our leadership and team-oriented approach will enhance potential portfolio companies to beat the odds and we create a clear vision for the future.   Fourth, we develop credible solutions by optimizing the organizational structure, roles, and culture.  Finally, we establish feedback loops and response components required to achieve continuous results.

“The key to investing is not assessing how much an industry is going to affect society, or how much it will grow, but rather determining the competitive advantage of any given company and, above all, the durability of that advantage.”
— Warren Buffett