Investment criteria 

Sectors: Generalist

Investment Range: $5,000,000+

Revenue Range: $50,000,000 - $1,000,000,000

EBITDA Range: $5,000,000 - $200,000,000

Geographical Focus: North America



Since our founding in 2004, strategy has been our core business and we work with companies across sectors to deliver results.  We have developed a proven strategy for investing, seeking opportunities where capital, experience, and performance can release the potential of growth-oriented companies. We focus on companies with a strong management team, a sustainable competitive advantage, a large unmet target market, solid intellectual property, positive cash flow traits, attractive deal terms, a high valuation, and a compelling exit component.  We help clients select where to focus in order to out-execute and out-invest their competition and, ultimately, achieve higher returns for shareholders.




Execution requires making decisions on where to play and how to win and we leverage our industry and operational expertise to meet and beat our portfolio companies’ goals for development and success.  Our leadership and team-oriented approach identifies and accelerates sales potential, enhances strategic alliances, augments existing boards, impacts critical business operations and expands product lines.  We execute our strategies by working with our portfolio companies to combine creative and analytical approaches, fueling innovation for new product development that achieves market-leading positions.  Our process reduces risk and creates multiple exit options.




We help our portfolio companies beat the odds.  We emphasize the prediction, measurement and management of the risk associated with change from day one.  We invest in coaching to develop individual capabilities and build motivation for change by shifting communication toward a two-way dialogue.  We create a clear vision for the future and ensure that leaders are aligned.  We develop credible solutions - optimizing organizational structure, roles and culture - and implement systems and technology to support change and ensure effective and efficient decision making.   We establish the feedback loops and response components required to achieve continuous results.